The Dutch SKOR Foundation was formed from the Mondriaan Stichting's Office for the Realization of Commissions in the Visual Arts (PBK) in December 1999. The Foundation operates nationwide with the objective of realising special art projects. Acting in an advisory and supervisory capacity for interested parties, the foundation mostly provides support with the content and organisation of projects, but also financial assistance. SKOR cooperates with municipalities, health care facilities, educational and cultural institutions, national authorities as well as private initiatives. And what makes this institution unique is that an art project can be intiated by clients from any sector of Dutch society. The diversity of the partners has led to a wide range of issues addressed by the projects, many of which have topical social relevance. There is no generally applicable limit to a SKOR grant, however a substantial portion of the costs must be covered by the client or funds raised from third parties.
In contrast to most comparable European institutions SKOR is not a state body with a particular focus. SKOR pay particular attention to the educational system: "It ought to be taken for granted that independent and individualist thinking, seeing and feeling, which is intrinsic to art and to a preoccupation with art, play a role in the education of generations to come". The long-term goal is the cultivation of intellectual openness in society using artistic means. SKOR focuses primarily on the universities and colleges but does not rule out working with primary and secondary schools.
There is even a separate budget exclusively for the educational sector.
A project can be launched in one of two ways: on an initiative taken by SKOR or as the result of an application by a potential client. The process is based on two simple but often neglected questions: Why does the client want an art project and for whom is it intended? Addressing this basic issue enables projects to develop specifically for a particular situation and that will also be appreciated.

Curator: Cornelia Offergeld

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